We support start- and scale-ups to challenge the urban legend that claims we only use 10% of our brain capacity.

For this challenge, we developed the 10 Myth ‘Pay as you Go‘ and ‘Pay as you Grow’ membership model. Clients hire a C-level team of experts and pay only for their current company’s C-level hourly needs.

CxO as a Service

10 Myth ‘CxO as a Service’ offers advisory board, participation, and co-founding opportunities for companies in the global technology and entertainment industry.

Our team has 20+ years’ experience in business model development or transition, platform and SaaS development, lean startup, sales & marketing, and exit strategy in the global software, platform, music, video, and videogames industry.

10 Myth experience spans companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Adobe, Symantec, Ubisoft, Bethesda, SEGA, EA, Activision, Universal Music, Warner Music, Armada Music, MTV Networks, Technicolor, Akamai, and many more.

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We help

We are a global industry collective of successful media executives and entrepreneurs who came up with an extremely powerful service to challenge the 10 Myth.

To put it simple: we can help you answer all of your strategic questions. Be ready to be stunned by what we can come up with providing you really striking intelligence.

Next to all this information we help you with the practical setup of scaling your business to the next level. Utilizing our network of investors, developers and network at giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and many others

Imagine the possibilities and make the jump!

We meet

We love to meet you if you’re up for knowing more about us, the stuff we work on, and how we can support you.

We are always open for a coffee so email or app us, if you want to meet up and find out how we can help you to make sure your startup or scale up, will accelerate.


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